Friday, December 7, 2012

What’s my purpose?
                Does one person have just one purpose?  I think different people have many purposes.  Everybody was put on earth for a reason and that reason is their purpose.  Why are they here?  They are here to do what God’s purpose is for them.  Their purpose might be small but maybe to someone else it means more than anything to them.  A purpose might even be something that you set goals for to make sure you get there.  It doesn’t just come to you.  You have to work at it.  You won’t know right away what it is.  You have to try new things to get new experiences and ideas of what your purpose might be.
                I feel like my purpose is to make something great of myself.  I love to help other people and to make them happy.  I love working with little kids and encouraging them to do their best.  Being the person that they can look up to and knowing that I am making a difference in their future is such a huge thing for me.  I can’t wait to graduate high school and start college so I can learn more about myself and what I want to do.
                Being able to say what my purpose is and know what it is, is a big thing.  In order to find what your purpose is you have to step outside of your comfort zone.  You can’t stick doing the things that you already know.  That’s boring.  You have to learn new things and make your life more exciting.  It’s a blessing to know that your purpose is to help someone in need or be able to serve the needy.  Everyone was placed on this earth for a reason.  You might just have one purpose or maybe you have more than one.  Knowing what you’re good at and what you can do to give back to others is exciting.  It always makes me feel good when I know that I just helped someone in need.  Or I gave someone a compliment that just made their day that much better.  Even something little can change your perspective on anything.
                I think my purpose is to work with little kids.  They always make me smile.  When they’re not fighting over toys they’re always smiling.  They think everything is funny and you can’t help but smile when you see their little smile on their face.  It’s fun to see how they grow and know that you are making a difference in their lives because of what you’re doing for them.  You help them and teach them every day.  That’s what I want to do.  I want to make a difference in a child’s life.  To know that I impacted a child because of the example I was or what I did to help them succeed would be so awesome.  The young stages in a child’s life are the most important.  So teaching them what they need to know is so criticial to their lives. Working at a day care has really impacted me on what I want to do and what I think my purpose is.  It has been such an amazing experience.
                I also think my other purpose is to help others.  I am so good with people.  I love meeting new people and making new friends and being able to share new experiences together.  Giving back to my community and to those who aren’t as fortunate as me is something that I want to be able to do also.  It’s a good experience and you can learn a lot about somebody and be a friend to someone that maybe doesn’t really have a lot of friends.  Being able to be there for them so they have someone to talk to is a great feeling. 

                Not everyone is going to know right away what their purpose is.   They might have an idea but you won’t ever know what your exact purpose is.   Like I said everybody might have more than just one.  I feel like I have two good purposes in my life.  It just takes time to know what those are.  They might not come right away.  You might not know for years, but after awhile you’ll figure it out.  It might even change over time.  Or you might have more than one purpose.  God put us here for a reason.  We have to show everyone else what that reason is.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

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Where am I?

                I’ve been a lot of places besides the small town of Aurora Nebraska over the past 18 years of my life.  It’s hard to think of where you are or where you might be in 10 years.  You’re always somewhere doing something.  Whether it’s at the mall buying more clothes you know you don’t need, or at the movies, or maybe you’re visiting family in another state.  You could still be in the small town you grew up in or you might even be living the high life in New York City. 
photo 1.JPG                I was born in Grand Island Nebraska.  I lived there until I was five years old then moved to Aurora.  I’ve lived here ever since.  Nebraska is where I was born and raised, in the small town of Aurora.  My school has roughly 100 students per grade and I could probably name each person in my grade if you lined them up in a line.  Since Aurora is a small town there are some cliques and there’s always some kind of drama.  Just because it’s a small town doesn’t mean there won’t be any of that.  You’ll find that anywhere you go. 

Everybody knows each other by name and for the most part is always friendly.  Everyone supports one another and is always there to lend a helping hand.  My parents raised me to be kind to everyone, give back to my community and always, always thank the Lord for what he gave me and to never take anything for granted.  Growing up in a small community has really had an impact on my life.  I know so many people and I know if I ever needed anything they would be there in a heartbeat.  It teaches you a lot.  I’ve made some really good friends that I know I’ll never forget that I might not have made living in a bigger city where there’s way more people.

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                Growing up in a small country town is something I’d pick any day over a big city.  Driving the dirt roads and hanging out at the lake is what my summers always consist of.  You can drive for miles down a dirt road and all you see is cornfields and the wide open sky.  So many memories have been made in this town and I wouldn’t have chosen it over anything.  Driving out to the middle of nowhere and just looking up at the stars with your friends and talking about the latest gossip of the day or just cruising around town until you actually find something exciting to do never gets old.  I know my town like the back of my hand, but it’s hard not to because it is only just a small town.  There’s not that much you have to remember about it.  One thing I will never forget about it besides the memories I’ve made is that my town only has one stop light.  Most people don’t believe me when I tell them that our town only functions on one stop light but it is true.  That’s when you know you really live in a small town…when you only have one stop that runs your whole town.
                When I think about where I am I think about Nebraska.  It’s where I was born and raised and of course we are an agriculture state.  We make lots of corn and beef.  Agriculture is a big thing in my home town and 95% of the land in Nebraska is farmland.  So we take it pretty seriously.  And of course to go along with the farmland there needs to be cute farm boys.  Their dreamy eyes and Justin Bieber hair gets the girls every time.  

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Besides the farmers and their farmland in Nebraska another that represents who we are is of the Nebraska football team.  Everyone dreams of being a Husker and getting to be a part of that experience.  Besides the excitement of the game the tailgating is a lot of fun.  Having fun and laughing with all your friends at Memorial Stadium right before the big game.  It’s something every Nebraskan looks forward to.


You may never know truly where you are, especially at this point in time.  You might not even know where you’ll be after high school.  Things constantly change over time.  You might come back to the small town you grew up in or you might end up in a big city where your town has more than one traffic light, you just never know.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Who am I?
Who am I?  Not a lof of people ask themselves that or even wonder who they are.  They just assume that the question means exactly what it says.  Who am I?  Your name, where you live and maybe how old you are.  What they don't know is how much deeper the question goes.
Who am I? I am Lauren Schuster daughter of Michael and Michelle Kingsley.  There's a lot to know about me, but I'm going to describe a few of the things that best describe me.
I am the first born to my mom.  I have a younger sister and an older step brother.  I was born on September 11, 1994 and I am now a senior at Aurora High School.  My friends.  I love my friends and I honestly don't know what I'd do without them.  They are such important people in my life.  I wouldn't trade them for the world.  We make the best memories and have some of the greatest laughs together.  I love movies.  Sad movies, happy movies, romantic movies, and best of all scary movies.  Watching movies with my friends and family and family is something I love to do.  Just kicking back and relaxing with the people you love.  Your best friend and a good movie is always the cure to a bad day.  Music is something i constantly listen to.  I'm definitely not the greatest singer of all time, but you better believe if a song comes on that I know I'll be singing it loud and clear.  Country music is my favorite genre of music to listen to.  It can be happy, sad and upbeat.  It's always on and I'm always listening.  Shopping is another favorite of mine.  I love, love, love to shop.  Spending money is a must for me even if I don't have any which comes more often for me than you think.  I'm a compulsive buyer.  I walk into a store and see something I like and I instantly want it.  I'll for the longest time about how I wish I had money to buy those supper cute jeans or that supper cute purse.  I love putting outfits together and adding accesories.  Peace.  Something little that everyone wants.  No fighting with your friends, no drama with your parents etc.  It's just a little friendly reminder for me not to argue or fight with the people around me.  Trying to get along with everyone and by just being happy without all the uneeded tension and drama. ACC is where I work.  It stands for Aurora Child Care.  I love my job and what I do.  I love working with children.  My job at Aurora Child Care is a big part of who I am.  It's so fun to watch them grow and how they grow and to know that you took a little part in that.  McDonalds is probably my favorite fast food restuarant to eat at.  All of my friends tease me about it but I love it so much.  Yeah it's not the most healthiest place to eat but that's the best part!  I don't ever gain any weight from eating there.
Loving and humerous are two of the important things that describe who I am.  I love to meet new people and make new friends.  I just love to be around people in general.  You can never have to many friends or meet to many new people.  Making people laugh is definitely something I'm good at.  For the most part, it comes naturally and that's why I like.  Things can just pop into my head and roll off my tongue and people are rolling on the floor laughing.  It's one of my better qualities.  My faith is something I'm proud of.  It's something everyone should be proud of.  Standing up for what I believe in and what I know is right. 
I’m not ashamed to tell people that Jesus Christ is my savior and that he died for my sins.
I used an emoji on my deep map for my smiley face.  It’s something I use all the time.  I love being happy and smiling and laughing.  Why waste a day being in a bad mood about something you can’t fix when you could look at the bright side of the situation and choose to be happy about it and not let it get you down.  Luke 12:7 was my sister’s favorite Bible verse.  She got it tattooed on her wrist and was always telling me about it and why she loved it so much.  She’s gone now but that verse will always stick with me.  Who I am is something I’m proud of not ashamed of.  It’s important to me to be my own person and not change for anyone else.